FitFocus Software - Evaluating Activities for Healthy Active Living:

Ordering FitFocus
Some things to consider in planning a purchase of FitFocus software:
  • When you purchase FitFocus, you have the right to use it for as long as you want (at the location and for the number of users that you purchased). There are no annual fees or support costs. You don't have to worry about future charges or your lesson plans being obsolete because of program changes that you don't want.
  • FitFocus is sold as single copies, lab sets (cheaper per copy) or as a site license (cheapest).
  • Pricing for a lab pack assumes that you have first purchased on single student version copy.
  • If budget is a concern, you can start with a small purchase and add more licenses later without concern that you will have a mismatch between new and old programs.
  • Previous purchases are credited when purchasing additional licenses. For example, if you have already purchased lab packs for up to 20 users and you want to move to unlimited users at a school (site license) later, you only pay the difference no matter how long ago you bought your initial licenses and your earlier licenses are upgraded to the current version of FoodFocus at no additional cost.
  • FitFocus does not have a teacher version.
  • Special pricing applies to school board licenses and to existing customers for upgrades or additional licenses. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss pricing.
  • A 50% discount applies to FitFocus ordered at the same time as FoodFocus licenses. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss pricing.

Ordering FitFocus

FitFocus is available directly from FoodFocus (phone 204-453-6060, fax 204-477-9906) or at the email address under Contact.


Description                                        Version 1.1

First FitFocusCopy ................................... $169
Lab Pack: 9 more licenses (same site) ................ $169
  (available after you buy the First FitFocus Copy)
Site License ......................................... $629
  (The site license includes 2 manuals and 2 CDs
   1 instructor and 1 student) and permission to
   use on any number of computers at the same site.)
School Board or Company Licensing..................... Contact us for a quotation
Shipping and Handling ($9 for each instructor, student, lab pack) ($12 for each site license)