Feedback from Teachers and Others:

FitFocus Teacher Feedback

"FitFocus is the best thing that every happened to my phys ed program." Senior 3 Physical Education teacher, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

FoodFocus Teacher Feedback

"We use Food Focus with 5 grade 10 Food classes and 5 grade 12 Food and Nutrition classes. We find the students come back to use the program on their own after using it in the class room and also bring friends.", Family Studies teacher, Ontario

Teachers tell us their students "Love it... they just love it"

great teaching tool...” Consumer Education Project, Alberta.

“Impressed.. great tool for teaching.. recommended as Home Economics Core Material”, Consultant, Department of Education, New Brunswick

“really works well...” Prenatal Program, Ontario

“... A user friendly nutritional analysis program ...further expanded with input from home economists, nutritionists and public health nurses as well as teachers and students. Users are able to select foods for a recipe, a grocery list, a meal or a day which can be easily analysed. ... Gives students a clear and concise view of their eating habits. The smiley face and heart, indicating nutrients and fat, really catch the attention of all students...easy to install and even easier for students to use.... A must for all CTS classrooms.” Technology Resource Manual, Copyright Home Economics Council, Alberta Teachers’ Association.

.“Absolutely wonderful.....”, University Professor, Nova Scotia

“I’m a complete nerd (with ) computers (but FoodFocus) was so easy to use”, Grade 9 student

“(use by elementary school students) went very well”, Coordinator, University Outreach Program, Manitoba

“evaluated (and) selected”, Curriculum and Assessment Team, Ontario

Turns kids on”, Junior High Home Economics Teacher

“Really enjoyed having (nutrient analysis) details... wonderful”, Public Health Nurse with high risk clients

Phenomenal... extremely informative and user friendly manual”, High School Science Department Head

Best by far.. Canadian.. easy to use.. ordered for all schools”, Coordinator, Computers in the Home Project, Vancouver

"The unique feature of this software is the use of pictographs which develop with the addition of each food item. It's rewarding to see the rainbow on Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating grow with the addition of food items belonging to the food groups. Other graphics that are dynamic with food data entry are a green happy face and a green heart. The happy face turns grey with a scowl for a low-nutrient dense diet; the heart loses pieces and collapses on itself with increased total and saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium intakes. The [heart] turns into a baby carriage for a pregnant woman. Prior to using FoodFocus, students will need to have a good understanding of nutrition and how to begin to achieve a full rainbow, green heart and happy face. The software graphics reflect immediate changes with each food, so students can experiment with alternating foods to determine their effect on diet and health...

The manual is clear and well-written. Supplementary materials are included. These could be of use to educators as some ideas for using FoodFocus with a range of grade levels. The material includes typical education strategies for various grade levels that could benefit from nutrient analysis...

The inclusion of the graphic heart could be a powerful indicator to students that their diets affect their well-being in the long-term...

" FoodFocus is an affordable software which has a place in nutrition education education for students in Grades 8 to 12.... It's rewarding to see the rainbow on Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating grow with the addition of food items... powerful indicator to students that their diets affect their well-being in the long term ",page 147, Journal of The Canadian Dietetic Association - Vol 58 No.3 Fall 1997.

One Teacher's FoodFocus Story
"I was sitting in a Finance meeting, when a gentleman beside me introduced himself and commented that he was glad to meet his daughter's Food's teacher. I wasn't sure what was coming next, so I just listened as he proceeded to tell me that his daughter had been thoroughly impacted by the FoodFocus Program she had used to analyze her her dietary intake. He went on to explain, with a nervous giggle, that she came home from school, opened the fridge door, and started taking things out intending to throw them away. "This has to go" and "this, look at the amount of Sodium per serving on this dressing" "we have to get something with a lower fat/serving content than this" and on it went. His face actually got a little red.....and then he looked at me and said, "You know we need that!". I think he was saying , "thanks" but I don't think he liked the price tag!"

FoodFocus NZ Feedback
"Excellent...awesome... great and extremely useful" - New Zealand registered dietitian, Waikato

"a good resource"- High School Home Economics teacher, Hamilton.
Recipe Analysis Feedback
"I really prefer the FoodFocus recipe analysis rather than [web alternative] because it is more comprehensive" - user of recipe analysis for business

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