Interactive Training Demonstrations for FoodFocus:

The overall process of using FoodFocus for nutrition analysis usually involves dealing with the following questions:
  • 1. Who? - which can be as simple as the default setting of 1 adult female or detailed (enter age, sex, special needs and activity level)
  • 2. What Food?- with FoodFocus, you can find a food 3 ways (using the food group(by Type), name (by Search), or content (by Nutrient)
  • 3. How Much of the Food?- you describe quantity by weight, by serving or typical size or by volume
  • 4. How Do Foods Compare to Guidelines? - compare nutrients in selected foods with Daily Recommended Intakes
  • 5. Do You Want to Explore Options? - you may add/delete/sort foods, change quantities and so on to explore ways to better meet nutrition guidelines but still be enjoyable and affordable
  • 6. What Do You Want to Do with Your Results? - you may wish to record your analysis (print, use files), do further analysis outside FoodFocus (export data), or use FoodFocus differently (set preferences)

The following interactive (flash) training is available for FoodFocus. Make sure sound is turned on and click the links below to see the training.

Getting Started with FoodFocus
Getting Started with FoodFocus - an introductory demo with entry of a simple meal and looking at the FoodFocus nutrient analysis output which gives you a quick overview of much of the above process

How Do Foods Compare to Guidelines?
How Do Foods Compare to Guidelines? - this demo deals with Step 4 of the process above. See the many ways that the FoodFocus program provides information about the nutrient content of foods as well as how to compare foods to nutrition guidelines.

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