What's New:

FoodFocus- Version 4

FoodFocus Version 4 is a totally new program. We kept the best of Version 3, improved the interface and added features based on feedback from teachers:
  • Phonetic and Faulty Spelling: When a student enters a misspelled keyword when searching for a food, Smart Search offers suggestions that "look like, sound like or are like" the student's input. Smart Search will suggest: ‘broccoli soup’ for ‘brocly suup’ and ‘pepperoni pizza’ for ‘peprone piza’. Smart Search also reduces confusion due to synonyms like 'yogurt' and 'yogourt'.
  • My Foods: A student can find foods she is looking for faster by restricting the range of her search to foods she has already selected (My Foods) or to a predefined subset of foods that has been selected as being representative of My Foods for the student's peer group. Searches can quickly be further narrowed or broadened when a student is looking for more or less common foods.
  • Cost & Value: As in version 3.5, cost information in FoodFocus helps a student find foods that are affordable as well as enjoyable and healthy. In FoodFocus 4, students can consider not only cost but value. For example, she can not only easily search for foods that are a good source of Vitamin C or some other nutrient, she can easily find what foods are the cheapest sources of a nutrient.
  • Undo & Redo: When a student has reduced her search for a target food to be too narrow, she can use Undo to go back in her search history. Redo allows her to go forward again.
  • More Output Options: Many reports can be previewed before the user decides to print the report, save it in a file compatible with Word and other word processors or save it in a file format compatible with Excel and other word processors.
  • More Local Foods: Recipe files allow a teacher to easily go from a list of foods to a new food added into the FoodFocus database. Such new foods are much easier to manage (move between computers, inspect, modify) than the previous method of adding foods.
  • Hidden Nutrients: As in version 3.5, FoodFocus can be configured so the nutrients most students will use are presented in the Analysis displays and reports. Less commonly used nutrients are only one click away in FoodFocus 4, even with reports to be save in Word or Excel compatible files.
  • New User Interface: Being a totally new program, FoodFocus 4 benefits from the latest Windows user interface approaches and from running on current computers that are now powerful enough to, for example, look ahead and report how many foods will result from a search that is being prepared and to predict what foods you are really looking for (Smart Search).

Contact us if you have specific questions about Version 3.5 or upgrading your current FoodFocus licenses to version 4.1.

FitFocus- Interactive Training Now Available
The current version of FitFocus is version 1.1 (version October, 2010). The latest change updated help information on Inactivity in the program and in the manual to reflect that there is now a growing body of research on the consequences of sedentary living. Research indicates, for example, that Canadians who spend most of their work, commuting and leisure time sitting are at substantially increased risks of chronic disease compared to those with a less sedentary lifestyle. Studies show that sitting and watching television are risk factors independent of traditional risk factors.
We hope that you will find the new interactive training under the Resources menu to be helpful.

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